Terms and conditions of booking and service. 

Last updated 16 July 2021. 



By booking you (the event organiser) are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions contained within this page. 


Event time

We aim to arrive 1hr before your event to set up. Our packages include service time and extra service time can be purchased for your event in advance at £60 p/h. We will agree a length of service with you before your event (subject to approval by the council, police and environmental health). Please be advised requests for extra service time on the day are unlikely to be granted due to the transport slot for our van, licencing or staffing requirements so please make sure your happy with your booked service time in advance.


The Prosecco van is a vehicle and requires hard flat ground to manoeuvre. The event organiser is responsible for ensuring we can get to the location that they would like the van. The van is 1.6 meters wide, 1.8 meters high, 3.4 meters long and has 3 wheels. It is unable to navigate up any steps or kerbs. Any slopes or ramps capable of accommodating 3 wheeled vehicles should have a gradient of no more than 10 degrees and the slope or ramps width should be no less than 2 meters. If you require us to manoeuvre or position the van over/on any grass, soil or other soft surface we are not responsible for any damage caused to this surface. In agreeing to our terms and conditions the event organiser confirms they have advised the land owner that tyre tracks could be left in soft surfaces and that Flutes and Fizz take no responsibility for and will not repair or fund the repair of any surface. We reserve the right not to manoeuvre the van over any surface that it may get stuck in and also reserve the right to not manoeuvre the van over, under, beside or through any surface or obstacle that could damage the van. 


Age restrictions

It is illegal for us to supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 or knowingly serve someone alcohol who is passing it to someone under 18. To protect our business and licence we ask anyone who looks under the age of 21 to show photo ID. We recommend you suggest to anyone attending your event who may look under 21 that they bring photo ID. 


Intoxicated persons 

It is illegal to knowingly serve alcohol, or attempt to serve alcohol, to a person who is drunk. It is also illegal to allow alcohol to be served to someone who is drunk. It is also an offence for a person to knowingly get, or try to get, alcohol for a drunk person. We want you to have lots of fun, however we have a duty of care and to protect our business and licence we will not serve alcohol to anyone who is drunk or who we believe is passing alcohol to a drunk person. 


Abuse towards our staff

We have a zero tolerance policy on any form of abuse directed to our staff members. If our staff feel uncomfortable or threatened at any time we will attempt to address this with the event organiser, we reserve the right to not serve anyone who makes our staff feel uncomfortable or threatened and may request that the offender is removed from the area to an agreed distance or that they leave the event entirely. In agreeing to our terms and conditions the event organiser agrees that they are responsible for their guests and that they will comply with any reasonable requests from Flutes and Fizz staff to address any behaviour that makes our staff uncomfortable. In more serious situations where our staff don’t feel comfortable to continue operating, where a host doesn’t resolve a reported concern or where a criminal offence has taken place we reserve the right to cease service and leave the event. 


Illegal activity’s

Should our staff become aware of any illegal activities taking place at the event including (but not limited to) illegal drug use or underage drinking we will address our concerns with the event host. Should our concerns not be resolved we reserve the right to cease service and leave the event.


Coronavirus restrictions

We will comply with any government restrictions that are in place during you event and by agreeing to our terms and conditions the host agrees that they and their guests will also comply with any government restrictions. Should any new restrictions be imposed that prevent your event from taking place or prevent your event from running as planned then we may be able to help reschedule your event please refer to our Coronavirus refund policy at the bottom of this page for more information. 



Every event we attend must have the required licences in place to operate. If you already have this in place we will require copies of the licences. If your event is small and we are the only company serving alcohol at your event then we are able to apply for a TEN’s (temporary events notice) for your event. This notice informs the council, police and environmental health of the event.  We will only attend an event if the TEN’s is approved (meaning authority has been given for the event to take place). We will always comply with any restrictions such as start and end time and number of guests permitted, in agreeing to our terms and conditions the host agrees to also comply with any terms of any licence linked to the event. Under no circumstances will we breach the terms of a licence, should any terms of a licence be breached by the event we will cease service and leave the event immediately. In the event that a TEN’s notice is not approved for your event then a full refund of any money paid minus £50 for admin and license fees will be given. 


Objections to your event

You must make us aware of any objections that have already been made or that are made at any time before and during your event; or of any objections that you believe are are likely to arise and any steps you have taken to address the objection. 

Should any objections be made about your event on the day you must make us aware immediately and must attempt to resolve any reasonable objection where possible. As we are providing a service at your event our reputation may be damaged by association should reasonable objections not be addressed and resolved. Should your event cause unnecessary distress to neighbours then we reserve the right to cease service and leave your event. 

Noise concerns are one of the most common complaints from residents who reside nearby to an event.

Below are a few steps you might want to take to reduce the likelihood of noise related complaints. 

  1. Circulate a note to local residents informing them of the event. This note should state the duration and the scheduled time when the event will start and finish, and that the organisers can be contacted during the event by telephone if residents are disturbed by noise. Give the telephone number and preferably the name of the person who will be dealing with any issues.

  2. Take steps to minimise noise emitted from the event. Keep any noise generated at such a level at the boundary of any neighbouring property that it would be unlikely to be a nuisance to the occupier.

  3. Have a nominated person regularly patrol the area, particularly near any houses, during

the event to ascertain noise levels. If the music is likely to cause a nuisance then the volume should be reduced.

4. Take steps to advise guests leaving the event, especially late at night, to leave quietly and not unreasonably disturb residents in the neighbourhood.


Police, council or other authorised person requests

Should the police, council or other authorised person make a legitimate and legal request to our staff we will always comply immediately. Should they make a legitimate and legal request that the event is closed due to a reason out of our control we will always comply. Such request may be because (but not limited to) the event is causing a public nuisance, is a threat to public safety, the event has caused crime or disorder. If an event is closed by authorities then no refund will be given. 



We take looking after our planet very seriously and will always look after any of our own waste that is on our pitch or returned to us. As the event organiser and by agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to put in place the necessary arrangements to ensure that any waste generated by your event including any of our waste that guests leave on site is cleared up and disposed of legally.  



Should you choose to cancel your event due to poor weather conditions we are unable to offer a refund. 

In extremely poor weather conditions where we deem there to be safety concerns for our staff or equipment we may not be able to attend your event. We will do everything possible to avoid this. If we (flutes and fizz) are unable to attend due to safety concerns we will offer a date change (subject to availability) or a full refund.



By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to us using any photos that we take of your event to use on our website, social media or other promotional material. Should anyone attending your event object to being in any photos we use please let us know. We are also happy for people to take photos of our van and in most cases of our staff. However should a staff member not wish to be photographed for any reason we request that you and/or your guests comply and delete any related photos. 


We require a standard power socket to plug our equipment into. The event organiser is reasonable for ensuring uninterrupted power is available at least 90mins before the event starts and until the end of the event. If power isn't available we are able to supply a generator, this would not be the preferred option as generators are noisy and unreliable. A generator charge of £49 per 6 hours period will be added to your quote.


Bookings and payments

By booking you (the event organiser) are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions contained within this page. A non refundable deposit of 50% secures the booking and the remaining funds are required 7 days before the event start time. Should the remaining funds not be paid on time we will attempt contact you by telephone and/or email. If 5 days before your event the funds remain unpaid we will cancel your event and the deposit will not be refunded. 


Refunds and cancellations 

Deposits are non refundable except those where the TEN’s licence is not approved or those that relate to our Coronavirus refund policy below. 


Coronavirus Refund policy

We absolutely understand how worrying it is booking an event during the Coronavirus Pandemic which is why to give you some peace of mind we have introduced our Coronavirus refund policy:

  1. Should a new government restriction that was not planned or in place before you booked prevent your event from taking place as planned then we offer a date change (subject to availability) and minus the cost of any fee incurred to change or apply for a new TEN’s licence. Should we not be able to offer a suitable alternative date then we will offer a refund minus (if a TEN’s licence was applied for) a £50 admin fee and if the cancellation is within 10 days of your event: minus the cost price of any perishable items that we have purchased for your event. 

  2. Should the host or other person/s attending the event be unable to attend due to COVID-19 related sickness or self isolation requirements cause you to want to rearrange your event we will do our best to help subject to availability. We will try to be as flexible as possible but are unfortunately not able to offer a refund in this circumstance. 


Termination of contract

By booking you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions contained within this page. We want you and your guests to enjoy your event and where possible will always discuss any concerns with the host relating to breaches of our contract, if possible we will work with the host to resolve any breaches however we reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time should a breach of our terms and conditions take place.